Treat Yourself! 6 Self-Care Sunday Activities You Can Indulge in Today

Chill vibes only this weekend

September 6, 2020

RADIO.COM's I’m Listening initiative is here to remind us that mental health should always be a priority and that talking about mental health can save lives. One major part of mental health hygiene is allowing yourself to create time for indulgent activities that serve as acts of self-care.

Our I’m Listening live broadcast takes place on September 23 and will feature powerful conversations with artists and athletes about the trials and tribulations that come with the mental health journey. Stay tuned for more details on September 9.

As we countdown the days until the broadcast we invite you to share your own self-care stories or moments around your mental health journey.

In the meantime, we’ve laid out a few simple self-care Sunday routines that should feel totally guilt-free. You deserve this time for yourself.

Order Takeout

With multiple apps available for food delivery its pretty hassle-free to have your favorite takeout brought right to your door. This weekend take a break from the cooking, meal prepping, or grocery shopping and dive into your most loved greasy food to go. Sometimes that container filled with Pad Thai is all need for an evening of taking care of yourself.

Take part in an over the top skincare routine

Sheet masks, jade rollers, serums, and moisturizers galore make for an at-home facial that feels just as decadent as a spa treatment. Additionally, the reward you feel for taking care of your skin releases a great boost of dopamine.


Take a nap! It feels rare to have time to catch up on sleep, but when you have a moment to drift off in a comfy space we encourage you to go for it.

Take a beach day

There is no feeling like squishing the sand between your toes or feeling the sun create warmth throughout your entire body. Getting sun exposure is an immediate mood stabilizer.

Clean your space

While cleaning doesn’t always seem like the most relaxing activity it does happen to be an activity that allows you to feel accomplished. When we feel accomplished our brain releases dopamine and gives us a happy and relaxed sensation. Additionally taking the time to clean might ease anxieties or stressors.


In the same way that cleaning allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment, baking also provides a task and reward system that can help us focus on just the job at hand. While baking works as a distraction, you’re also left with a sweet treat at the end that you can enjoy and share.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for I’m Listening - an evening filled with support, compassion, and community - right here and on the RADIO.COM app.

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