7 Soothing ASMR Videos You Need to Watch Right Now

It's time to relax

September 4, 2020

ASMR aka, autonomous sensory meridian response has been trendy when it comes to internet-based relaxation. Whether it's diving into retro Bob Ross videos or watching Cardi B take a crack at her own version of ASMR, the audio and sometimes visual experience is meant to help you feel a sense of calm and relaxation.

The goal of RADIO.COM's I’m Listening initiative is here to remind us that mental health should always be a priority and that talking about mental health can save lives. Our ASMR playlist is a simple activity that you can take part in order to do something for your mental well-being. After all, relaxation is a serotonin booster.

This year's I’m Listening live broadcast takes place on September 23 and will feature powerful conversations with artists and athletes about the trials and tribulations that come with the mental health journey. Stay tuned for more details on September 9.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23 for I’m Listening - an evening filled with support, compassion, and community - right here and on the RADIO.COM app.

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