Mayor Finds Mystery Woman Living in the Basement of His Home

April 25, 2020

When renovating a home, it's normal to find weird objects or even hidden treasures in the basement.

But imagine Bruce Wilkerson's surprise when he made the startling discovery that a woman was living in his cellar.

On Wednesday morning, the Mayor of Bowling Green, Kentucky said the woman was inhabiting the crawlspace of the home he was renovating.

He was alerted to the trespassing tenant when he “heard a ruckus,” outside, he told the Bowling Green Daily News.

WKNY-TV reported that he also smelled cigarettes and followed the scent to the basement.

There he found traces of blood on the cellar door and a knapsack filled with women’s clothing.

The outlet reports he didn’t see a woman, so he returned to his renovations.
Wilkerson, who is a former Bowling Green Police Department officer, also reached out to authorities but was told no woman was reported missing.

Wilkerson admits that he only ran into the woman after he went back down to the cellar once some electrical outlets in the home lost power.

He described her as in her 20s with long brunette hair. He added that she was covered in dirt.

The outlet reports that she told him she was “hiding from someone” before running away.

Wilkerson doesn’t know how long the woman was living down there, but since she did not steal anything, he did not care to pursue charges or an arrest.

The outrageous incident gave the police department a bit of a laugh. “I asked the officers why they were grinning and they said that no matter how they write the report, it’s going to say the mayor locked a woman in his house,” Wilkerson said jokingly.

The Associated Press reports that they have not identified the woman.

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