Starbucks Serves Up New Valentine's Day Item in the UK

February 9, 2020

Starbucks continues to test out new favorites for special occasions throughout the year. Now, they’ve got a Valentine’s Day treat, rolling out in the UK.

Starbucks UK has rolled out a Berry Hot Chocolate in the name of love, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The drink features a raspberry chocolate base and is topped with a raspberry foam. You can get the drink hot, iced, or frozen for your frappucino needs.

The drink was unveiled by the @NewFoodsUK Instagram account. “NEW Starbucks Berry Hot Chocolate! Have it hot or iced! Or even a Frappuccino,” the caption reads. “This is so good! Raspberry chocolate base, topped with raspberry foam! Perfect for valentines.”

Starbucks fans flooded the comments section to reveal their excitement over the release of the romantic beverage. Most commenters tagged their friends and significant others, hoping for a coffee date in the near future to give the concoction a whirl.

It seems like just yesterday, fans were gawking over the release of various drinks for the holiday season, including old favorites like the Smoked Butterscotch Latte.

While the treat seems to only be available in the UK, you could ask for a few pumps of raspberry syrup in your hot chocolate to finagle your own version of the drink. Starbucks US has a few of their own Valentine's Day tricks up their sleeve with customers spotting charming tumblers and mugs available for the special holiday.

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