Johnny Depp Spent $3 Million On A Cannon?

February 1, 2017
Johnny Depp says his mangers stole millions, while his managers basically say ... he has no idea what things cost.

Depp spent more than $3 million on a cannon to blast Hunter S. Thompson's ashes over Aspen, he blew $30,000 a month on expensive wines, and apparently just wasted much of the rest of his income, according to a lawsuit filed by his former managers.

The lawsuit claims that Depp lived an "ultra-extravagant lifestyle" that he couldn't really afford, including droppping $75 million on 14 residences around the world, $18 million on a 150-foot yacht, and $10 million to support family and friends.

His life should be a Powerball commercial!

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today