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Sybil’s Big-A Word: Epistolary

Today Sybil’s Big-A Word, is epistolary. What would you guess epistolary means? An epistolary is defined as a body of work in the form of letters. For example, in The Color Purple Ms. Celie and her sister had an epistolary relationship, because they wrote letters. Another example in pen pals, when... Read More

It’s A Guy Thing: Why Do Men Take Forever To Text Back

There are a lot of things that guys do that women don’t understand, so Guy breaks it down. A listener asked Guy why men take forever to reply to a text message. Well, it could be a number of things…maybe you’re his “plan B.” Or, maybe he’s married and was with his wife when you text him. But, you... Read More
Record Of The Year

GRAMMY Awards: Record Of The Year Nominees

From 60's Bronx Boogaloo to Pacific Northwest Americana, with Hip Hop from the 6 to a Russian dance mashup, even movie songs from the well-worn stage to the land of Wakanda, the Record Of The Year category at the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards is assorted and awesome. The eight songs selected for one of... Read More

Enter to Win Saints NFC Championship Tickets

WHO DAT!!! Enter below for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Saints in the NFC Championship game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 20th! Enter up to once an HOUR to increase your chances of winning. For the Saints in the NFC Championship 2019 Playoff Game tickets online contest,... Read More
Drake performs in Miami, Florida on November 13, 2018

Drake Announces Champagne and Plots Possible Vegas Residency

Drake is all bubbly about his newest venture. The rapper whose Instagram handle is champagnepapi is getting into the sparkling wine business. He’s partnering with entrepreneur Brent Hocking on two new champagnes under the Mod Sélection label. Drake had a special message to the people he’ll be... Read More
Kylie Jenner x Travis Scott

There's a New "Most Liked" Picture on Instagram

Stay weird internet. With over 123 million followers on Instagram, Kylie Jenner is a social media siren. The makeup maven and fashion inspiration documented the most important moment of her life in February of 2018, posting a sweet photo of her newborn baby Stormi clutching her finger. It... Read More
Snoop Dogg

Hockey Is Better With Snoop Dogg Doing Play-By-Play

It has been scientifically proven that things are better with Snoop Dogg . From cooking , to puppies , even planet earth , the Doggystyle MC adds more sizzle fo shizzle. The latest example is hockey, which got invaded by the D-O-double-G over the weekend in Los Angeles. Snoop was in the arena as a... Read More