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Faith Evans talks about Biggie and more!

Thursday, May 4th


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On the phone. Every time. Grammy Award winning Grammy now in 88 and round. Saying OR EBE 8 Evans good morning. Morning light everything is good with me about yourself. We're human is faith. Is going on right now with eight and music he. I know the bad boy or union to go on what's going on with you right now what should data daylight these days. Well right now I am act on a couple weak in the break room. Radio the most in a month of practice and I was out a couple of week in order on up. Let it get away got happened out. I remain high Arctic high hair is it to about what me and an Atari DNC. And am ready you know. I'm excited to 'cause you know I'm down into orbit but on the East Coast boy you know I grew up on big Bertha ball let me thank you on behalf. A ball like dark skin chubby guys. You all relationship may does know that we could be we could be big black guy that they'll get pretty girls. So they. You made at that. There's always been that we went there are a couple of his is that whereas you know like didn't your Ireland and the dark in. Which you want the one that ballot to me how with a high school at the time you know I laughed out. That was right yeah. App that you look at the odd thing is there was a aftermarket rear where I would be chosen my allotted specifically other. Eighties and probably ordered that he start in it like it can go coop he would. That you're like OK with that bank. And maybe he was talked out of flags about how we're talking about. While we're talking about him out what. Like you know could my favorite rapper bark at anybody else break anybody you know as their favorite over big they have argument with me but they know that about me. What was he light in general to be married to we know we would like as ours and everything like that and another question I want ask was. Was that the actual line he used to make you smile let me do that will lead the movie accurate it turns out he really got your heart. Not let it not been like I thought. At all you have what. Pretty accurate but yeah that is not being like. What they have but yet realized in the end in the of this England where he was popular near the water on that they might Allah paying like my. Now I'm. Got me. I'd get that was it and it was in a moment but there and you know give them extra. I mean they put the barrel in all of that was the black. But now we enacted over the it is numeric. Ambien is charming charismatic and respecting he had only my I don't know well. When my document and I know it. All of. And I don't think he wished you got to figure out a way to get it done. Right. What are we got what it Evans when we come back we're gonna talk to you about he got a bye coming up and as the mother stabbed to hang out equipment sector eight. I also. No one at least NBA live on the open than the morning with the new audience on the phone with us. Is 8 Evans the morning may get back what if you didn't hang up thank you. A so why would I. And went went more mad used you know the game really big stars like you we and you hear it now so I'm very sorry. I. They I've got a lot on out of Japan in the letters. Haven't there be one of the cities in the very beginning and I remember and I I mean quite a bit it is. And I have a lot of bad bad you know. Yes you do are you familiar with the ballots remixes. CNC. Like all your songs like our our our two to be dramatic back something I'm gonna play one. And if you mean it because they let fate without the B would bailout may even more with UB. So we don't do it at forty so by topic I heard that a by topic coming up tell us about that. I'll yet well. I'm not I don't see what kind of are in the about you know.