20% of small businesses may not survive pandemic

More and more local businesses are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy or closure with continued pandemic losses.  

Many are desperate to see Louisiana advance out of Phase Two restrictions.

"Look, they are ready.  They're ready.  They've been ready," National Federation of International Business Louisiana Director Dawn Starns said.

She says they surveyed local businesses.

"One in five told us that if current conditions continue, they won't survive."

She says those businesses are pushing for the state to move into Phase Three.

"We are eager to see some more of the restrictions lifted," Starns said. “Our members are determined to get through this, and they’re hopeful that Governor Edwards will allow the state to enter the next phase of its economic recovery.”  

The log jam in Congress is also frustrating businesses waiting for more relief.  Starns says small businesses owners want lawmakers in Washington DC to get on the same page.

"It is total gridlock up there," she insisted.