Education board asks Gov. Edwards to close schools for rest

The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education wants Gov. John Bel Edwards to call it a school year.

BESE joins the  Louisiana Association of School Superintendents in calling on the governor to officially end the school year. Students in Louisiana have not attended class since March 13, when the governor issued his first proclamation regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

If the governor decides to end the school year early, BESE, local school leaders, and others will have to figure out how to handle student advancement for the next school year.

While many schools have turned to "distance learning," using web-based video conferencing and other methods to try and keep the education process going, it has been challenging for some schools where families don't have the same access to technology, or access to broadband Internet service.

Summer school, assuming the pandemic eases enough to bring children back into a classroom during summer months, has been suggested. Starting the 2020-2021 school year early is another idea that has been mentioned.