Gov. John Bel Edwards orders classroom shut for remainder of

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards today announced schools will remain shut for the rest of the school year. The announcement comes a week after the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education asked the governor to do so.

While students will not go to school to attend classes, the governor said he wants education to continue via "distance learning," which for many students means online classes, or schoolwork assignments delivered via email.

However, only 39 of Louisiana's 69 public school districts offer distance education. It has been challenging for some schools where families don't have the same access to technology, or access to broadband Internet service.

Summer school, assuming the pandemic eases enough to bring children back into a classroom during summer months, has been suggested. Starting the 2020-2021 school year early is another idea that has been mentioned.

The governor also said he hopes school districts will continue the meal service they have been offering to students who qualify for the free meal program.