LSU-Bama rivalry used to encourage social distancing

State and local governments all over the country have been encouraging social distancing measures in order to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The city of Tuscaloosa drew from the LSU-Alabama rivalry in order to encourage social distancing. The rivalry between the two programs has become one of biggest in the sports world with the yearly matchup being one of the most anticipated of each college football season.

Fans of both programs take the rivalry seriously so when a photo of a sign from the city of Tuscaloosa with the message "6 feet, Like how far you would stand from an LSU fan" made the rounds on social media this weekend, it naturally drew attention.

Alabama isn't the only place to use their popular college football program to help encourage social distancing. Louisiana has enlisted LSU head coach Ed Orgeron to encourage Louisiana residents to practice the mandated social distancing measures.