LSU planning June return for student-athletes

Athletic Director Scott Woodward said Wednesday night that LSU is planning for student-athletes to return to campus in June. 

“We are preparing for a June 1 return even though we don’t know that,” he said during the TAF Coaches Caravan via a Facebook Live stream. “The prohibition’s in place from the SEC for us not to use our facilities until May 31st. When that prohibition comes up which, hopefully it won’t be extended, but if it is, We’ll be ready for that.”

LSU’s facilities have been shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as social distancing restrictions ease, the athletic department is preparing for the next season.

“We were the first ones to get our staff’s back in football,” Woodward said. “We had a great plan….where we have really strict guidelines in what and how we practice being around folks in our offices. With masks, with proper social distance, with what and how we wash our hands… It’s paramount that we’re safe and we’re keeping our employees safe.”

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron said he’s eager to get back to work with his players. He said the coaching staff has been holding meetings with players via video conferencing and that they’ve installed the offense three times.

“We’ve done everything we can except hands-on coaching with our guys,” Oregon said.

Oregon said he believes his players have done a good job of staying in shape and said the Tigers projected starter Myles Brennan in particular has been working hard. He said Brennan weighs “a whopping” 218 pounds. 

“Myles weighed about 180 when we got him here,” Orgeron said. 

While student-athletes are expected back on campus in June, Woodward couldn’t say the same for fans.

“When are we going to get butts in the seats? I don’t know the answer to that,” he said.

Woodward said the coronavirus will dictate when that might be possible but assured that the department will proceed in the safest way possible.