LSU Pres: Students likely to have to wear masks while on cam

LSU officials are excited to welcome students back to campus in fall but warn campus life, while vibrant, will not be the same.

Interim President Thomas Galligan says alongside their notebooks and other class supplies students will need to pack a mask before leaving their dorms.

“If we can’t be physically distant, we are going to wear masks. In the classroom, we are going to wear masks. In meetings we are going to wear masks,” says Galligan.

Provost Stacia Haynie says smaller classes will be moved to larger classrooms to allow for social distancing, and classes that formerly inhabited those large lecture halls will likely have to be moved online.

Galligan says it is certainly possible people will have to wear masks at football games.

“I am on a weekly call with all the SEC presidents and we talk about exactly this, and again, it is all going to be safety-based so stay tuned,” says Galligan.