New COVID protection helmet being tested at LSU

The LSU football team is testing new helmet technology aiming to protect players from the coronavirus.  CEO of the Louisiana-based sports tech startup Tigeraire, Jack Karavich, says the system helps deliver comforting ventilation inside the helmet even though it may have more enclosure to cover the face.

“The whole system is very lightweight and the way it feels is like you have a beautiful cool breeze blowing over your face."

For added protection, N95 filter material can be added at the intake.  Karavich says the ventilation has won over the players even in a standard helmet.

“When you add in any sort of face coverings, from visors to additional protective gear that a lot of schools, universities, and professional teams are considering for this season, we are able to make that a very breathable environment,” said Karavich.

The new devices leverage the passive air vents in the helmet and make them active with small battery-driven fans attached to flexible tubing and can be used in combination with almost any off-the-shelf protective helmet.

While it is unclear when it could be used in actual gameplay, the technology has been used for the past four weeks by LSU players and Karavich says that’s a testament to the tech’s toughness.

“If you consider ‘battle-tested’ being four weeks on the field with LSU players hammering each other, hitting each other, a good mark for ‘battle-tested’ then I would say, yes, it has absolutely been battled-tested,” said Karavich.