New Orleans Archdiocese looking to help cash-strapped famili

When schools closed in March, "distance learning" began, and many private schools in the areas, including the Catholic school system in New Orleans, expected tuition payments to continue. But with many families seeing their incomes reduced, the Archdiocese is offering tuition assistance to families that need it, and is asking those who are better-off to help.

New Orleans Catholic schools superintendent Dr. RaeNell Houston says the economic impact of COVID-19 has hit their families as much as anyone else.

"Parents are facing furloughs, cuts to hourly wages, unemployment, several of our families had to close their business," she said. So the Archdiocese is taking applications for tuition assistance to help cash-strapped families.

"We established a fund to help families meet their tuition payment obligation for the rest of this year," said Dr. Houston. "We have some money in our tuition assistance fund that remains for the rest of the school year, so we're basically converting that into transferring those funds into tuition assistance for COVID-19."

The church is also asking people who have been fortunate enough to avoid the pandemic's economic impacts to consider making a donation.

"We're always looking for additional resources and tuition assistance funds to help our families stay in Catholic schools," she said.

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