New Orleans Mayor announces new restrictions on bars

With COVID-19 numbers headed in the wrong direction, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell today announced new restrictions on bars, restaurants and gatherings of people.  

Beginning Saturday, there will no longer be seating at bars or restaurant lounges.  

Seating will be available at tables only.  

The mayor says too many people are gathering too close to each other and driving the rising infection rate.  

Also starting Saturday, gatherings of people will be limited to 25 people, only.  

The mayor made the announcement during her 2:45 p.m. press conference held at the same time Governor John Bel Edwards was holding his weekly press briefing.  

Addressing the gathering, New Orleans Health Director, Dr. Jennifer Avegno, stated Louisiana has the fourth highest rise in infections in the nation at the moment.  

New Orleans set a threshold of 50-cases a day.  

But with today's announcement of 81 new infections marks the biggest number of infections in two and a half months.  

Dr. Avegno did announce there is a new testing center that will becoming on line in a few days and says this will increase the ability to test more people on a daily basis.  

However, Dr. Avegno says whether you've been tested or not, you must conduct yourself as if you have been exposed and are carrying COVID-19 and take all measures to ensure you are taking care to not become exposed to coronavirus.