New Orleans to remain in Phase 2 for now

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell today reiterated that the city is staying in phase two, even as they wait to see what the state's phase three guidelines are tomorrow.

"While I did hear that the governor made an announcement this morning that he will be moving the state into phase three, at the same time, given no information given no information about what phase three will look like for the state of Louisiana," Cantrell said, "so it's very difficult for me to respond when I don't have the information."

The mayor said the city's priority is returning New Orleans public school students to their classrooms. She said they will have to see where the coronavirus data goes from there before a decision can be made about phase three.

It's not the first time the city has gone in a different direction from the state. New Orleans waited a few days to end its stay-at-home order and enter phase one after the state had already moved ahead.

The mayor also raised the possibility of going after people's unemployment benefits if they continue to flout the rules regarding social distancing, mask-wearing, and other mitigation efforts. 

"We're looking at, right now, I've asked, to whether individuals who will be issued a citation, could that put them in jeopardy of receiving their unemployment benefits," the mayor said. "You can't receive public resources but at the same time violate public mandates to keep people safe."