Tulane prof: Public needs to come together, leaders need to

As active coronavirus cases rise in Louisiana, public health officials and political leaders are trying to find ways to get people to buy-in to methods to stop the spread. 

The most effective way to flatten the curve -- everyone stay home -- is unpopular.

"The one that worked in March and April was everybody staying home and everything being shut down," said Tulane University professor of public health Dr. Susan Hassig. "We don't really like that tool."

Prof. Hassig says public leaders need to ramp up testing capacity.

"The problems we're having now with testing is really really disturbing," she said. "Not having a way to ramp up...production of everything that's needed for testing, including enhancing laboratory capacity in the public and private sector to actually run the tests, which seems to be one of the problems we're having now, is really, really frustrating a lot of efforts."

And the public, said Dr. Hassig, needs to commit to social distancing and mask wearing.

"It's something we need to do and it doesn't take a lot of money" Hassig said.  "But it takes resolve, and I don't think we've got the resolve."