We’re staying put. Most people favor staying in phase 2

WWL hit the streets of New Orleans and spoke to people coming and going from a big box store in the Lower Garden District.

Out of all the people we talked with (more than fifteen) only two were not happy to stay in Phase II. 

And one of those who wanted to go to Phase III made a joke about it!

“I’m not from New Orleans, but I think it is kinda crazy, especially with everybody going into Phase III,” she said.  “I need a daiquiri, don’t you know, I can’t walk the street with my daiquiri no more, so yeah I think they should go into Phase III!” 

Still most expressed a common sense approach to staying in Phase II. 

“We’re not ready for Phase III,” One man said.  “A lot of people are not going by the rules.  They’re not ready for it.”

One woman explained her reasoning like this: “They’re doing it because of the schools and since I have a school-age child, if they think that will help keep them in school, I’m fine with it.”

Regardless of why we’re not moving forward, this man explained it simply: “Whatever [New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell] thinks she deem to be safe, bruh, I just want to be safe, that’s it.”

One woman we spoke to was disappointed New Orleans wasn’t moving ahead, but she was dealing with it.  “Well that sthinks!” She started.  “I was excited to do some intramural sports.  But, guess we’re going to have to wait.  I was hoping for it, but I guess better safe than sorry.”