Apple AirPods Are Back in Stock and Marked Down on Amazon

If you’re in the market for AirPods, now is an excellent time to buy the cordless headphones. Apple AirPods are now back in stock and have been marked down on Amazon.
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Boy Swallows AirPod He Got for Christmas, Waits for It to 'Pass'

When Santa gifted one second-grader AirPods for Christmas, he never imagined this outcome. One boy went through a life-changing experience over Christmas break when he accidentally swallowed one of the AirPod headphones he got as a Christmas gift. “I can’t make this up,” the mother, Kiara Stroud,...
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Apple Reveals AirPods Pro: New Features, What to Know

If you thought your AirPods were the best new tech thing, wait until you get your hands on the AirPods Pro. According to Business Wire , Apple announced on Monday that they would be rolling out a new device based on feedback they got surrounding the original. The AirPods simply don’t fit...
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