Big-A Word

Sybil’s Big-A Word: Doppelganger

This weeks Big-A Word comes as a result of Jordan Peele’s Us . The word is, doppelgänger. Tom and Guy don’t even have a guess at what this word means; do you? The word doppelgänger means “a non-biologically related look-alike or double of a living person.” Guy suggests that he and Morris Chestnut...
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Sybil’s Big-A Word: Epistolary

Today Sybil’s Big-A Word, is epistolary. What would you guess epistolary means? An epistolary is defined as a body of work in the form of letters. For example, in The Color Purple Ms. Celie and her sister had an epistolary relationship, because they wrote letters. Another example in pen pals, when...
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Sybil’s Big-A Word: Sesquipedalian

Who remembers Sybil’s Big-A word? Well, it’s back! Do you know what sesquipedalian means? It’s an adjective meaning “the use of big words.” Sybil is a sesquipedalian. So anyone who uses the word sesquipedalian is a sesquipedalian. So the next time someone uses a big word around you, say “you are so...
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