Damon Williams

Seriously Ignorant News: Rookie Robber

A man walked into a bank, demanded money and pulled a gun. The teller handed the man the cash and he left the bank. But, he still had on his ski mask and black clothing. When police spotted him and asked why he was dressed in such an odd way he told them that he wanted to try something new so he...
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The Vegas From The Commercials Is Not The Vegas Damon Saw

Damon and his wife were very excited to go to Vegas and thought it’d be just like the commercials, but they were wrong. They haven’t seen anybody toasting champagne or eating steaks and it’s not all bright and shiny. Instead, they see tons of white women in jeans with “glitter pockets and glitter...
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Top Of The Morning: Damon Is A Grandpa

Lots of changes happen in the new year and one of the most exciting changes is that Damon Williams has a new title! Over the holiday break his daughter gave birth to a little boy so Damon is a grandpa. But he feels too young to be called grandpa, so he and Tom try to come up with a cooler name...
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