Black Girl Problems: Splitting Food Is Not Okay

Have you been out to dinner with a friend who suggests that you split a meal? Torrei says that’s not happening! Dom feels the same way, she’s not on a diet so she doesn’t want or need a half portion. But they both say their friends should know that they like their food and will not share.
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Top Of The Morning: You Won’t Get Your Hands On Dominique’s Purse

Dominique had her purse stolen once and never again. She was taking pictures with friends and fans at a comedy club when someone snatched her purse and took off. By the time she realized it she was angry! But, someone found it outside and because of a “secret component” she still had all of her...
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Top Of The Morning: Tom Joyner Is Messy

Kym and Sherri are off today so in the funny chair we have Dominique and Torrei Hart . And of course Tom likes to start the show off with “some mess!” The first thing he wanted to talk about was how Kevin Hart bought his whole crew cars. Torrei said she heard about it and just knew she was going to...
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