Donald Trump

Morning Minute: There Is Only One Mexico

Donald Trump said that he plans to cut funding to three Central American countries, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Then, the people on Fox news went on air and said “trump is cutting all aid to three Mexican countries.” Why do they not know that you can’t lump all Spanish speaking countries...
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Top Of The Morning: How Many Lies Can Trump Tell?

Last night Trump addressed the country and of course he lied, a lot. People actually were taking bets on how many times Trump could lie. How sad is that? People expect the President of the United States to lie so much they set out to make money from it. The saddest thing about last night is that...
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Top Of The Morning: The Shut Down Is Still Going

Donald Trump still has the government shut down and it’s all because he wants his wall. Sybil calls it “the biggest temper tantrum,” ever. There are people working without pay that have turned to social media to ask for help paying their rent. Knowing all of this Trump has no desire to reopen the...
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