Flu Season Could Coincide With COVID-19 2nd Wave: Everything You Need to Know

While experts still raise concerns about a potential second wave of coronavirus cases, many are wondering if it could happen at the same time as the annual flu season.
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Should You Get the Flu Shot Early This Year?

As fall approaches, doctors and experts are already thinking about flu season. Should you get the flu shot early this year? Experts are now giving their advice.
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What Will Flu Season Look Like As We Take Steps to Limit Spread of Coronavirus?

As we take steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus, what can we expect for flu season this year? KYW-AM, a RADIO.COM station, talked to Main Line Health System’s chairman of medicine.
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Can You Have Coronavirus and the Flu at the Same Time?

Is it possible to contract both coronavirus and the flu at once? Experts weigh in on whether or not people can have the two illnesses at the same time.
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