Jasmine Sanders

Jazzy Report: Plastic Ban

Hawaii is considering a ban that would make them the first state to completely ban all plastic at restaurants. Legislature is considering a ban that would not allow restaurants or government agencies to use plastic products. Like, bags, straws, containers, utensils, bottles and cups. If passed, the...
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Jazzy Report: Young People Are Struggling With Their Mental Health

Emergency rooms are reporting high numbers of young people checking in with mental health related issues. Teens and minority youth have been increasingly seeking help for mental illnesses. Visits have reportedly spiked 54 percent among teenagers, 53 percent for Black youth and 91 percent for young...
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Jazzy Report: Scientists Are Growing Brains

Scientists are reportedly growing mini brains in dishes in their labs. Yes, you read that correctly, scientists are growing brains in an effort to cure Motor neuron diseases. They’re made from human brain cells and are able to connect to spinal and muscular tissues. According to scientists it’s...
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