Tom Joyner

Black Girl Problems: The Crazy Drunk Friend

Girls, do you have a friend that gets crazy when she drinks? If not you may be that friend. Torrei is that friend, especially in Vegas! Dominique is not that friend, she has had to search a club for her drunk friend. She found her in the bathroom doing cheers and dances.
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Top Of The Morning: Tom Joyner Is Messy

Kym and Sherri are off today so in the funny chair we have Dominique and Torrei Hart . And of course Tom likes to start the show off with “some mess!” The first thing he wanted to talk about was how Kevin Hart bought his whole crew cars. Torrei said she heard about it and just knew she was going to...
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Sinbad And The Tom Joyner Morning Show Go Way Back

It's the 25 anniversary of the TJMS and one person who can’t believe it is Sinbad! Bad says the TJMS has been such a big part of his life and career. The first time Bad was on the show he wasn’t even invited, he just showed up and waited outside of the station until someone invited him in. They...
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Tom Joyner Starts Jan 2nd on Hot 92.9

The New Hot 92.9 keeps growing day by day and it's powered by you the listener. We'd like to say thanks for making Hot 92.9 one of the fastest growing stations in New Orleans in 2018. We haven't even been on the air for a whole year yet... so these past few months have been really amazing! In 2019...
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